Industry Leader in Mobile Device Repair For Corporations

Addogear’s Mobile Techs are leading providers of mobile device repairs and protection. Having serviced over 50 major corporations and thousands of individual consumers. For over a decade Addogear’s Mobile Techs have saved corporate clients thousands of dollars annually in mobile device repairs versus replacements.  A full service company, with expertise in smart phone, cell phone and small electronics repair and upgrades, Addogear delivers quick and economical solutions that minimize downtime and maximize the ease and efficiency of the mobile device repair process.
Addogear’s Mobile Techs have extensive experience and a proven track record having provided service for global companies including mobile device insurance giant, Asurion.  Corporate clients can count on Addogearto diagnose, repair, upgrade and protect all makes and models of smartphones, tablets, scanner equipment and other small electronics. iPhone, iPad, HP iPaq, Symbol and Socket Mobile to name just a few. Fast turnaround times and door to door pickup and delivery are guaranteed.
A quick look at Addogear’s experience in handling corporate accounts will show the company focuses on  individual needs as well as custom solutions that fit within a corporation’s policies, procedures and budget.
Beyond mobile device repair – Addogear helps clients find and purchase the right mobile accessories and upgrades for particular smartphone or mobile devices. Whether it’s screen protectors, memory upgrades, cable replacements or a new battery – Addogear can meet client needs.  Covering the gamut of iPads, Symbol Data devices, Smart Phones (iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, etc) and much more – Addogear has either fixed, upgraded or enhanced virtually anything and everything on the market.